Dedicated Women and Men ONLY: This International Bodybuilder Wants To Personally Work With YOU To…

Build The Body Of A Superhero In 12 Weeks

For Less Than The Price Of a Gym Membership
You’ll get all the training programs, nutrition plans and one-on-one mentoring you need to crush through fitness plateaus and get the rippling, defined “Hollywood” physique that’s usually reserved for Olympic Athletes and A-grade Celebrities (Regardless of your starting point or where you are in the world).

Dear friend,

If you’ve been working out at the gym – and you’re not seeing the “knock-em-out” superhero body you secretly crave – you MUST check out this limited-time offer from Andy Anderson.

This WBFF bodybuilding PRO, is looking for a handful of people to personally mentor with the aim of getting them in life-changing, head-turning shape in just 12-weeks.

You will get Andy’s complete Blueprint to transform your body fast, using his favourite (and wickedly-effective) training and nutrition protocols. And – the best bit – you’ll also get one-on-one support and “secret weapon” mindset coaching from Andy himself.

More on exactly what’s involved in a minute, but first…

Here’s The Shocking Ways NOT Having Enough Lean Muscle Is Holding You Back…

The truth is, having the lean muscle mass of a superhero isn’t just for looks.

Most Women & men go to the gym, do the same old thing, get the same mediocre results… but hardly any of these people realize how their lack of results is really crippling their lives.

And it’s not just a lack of strength…

Here are just some of the ways you could be holding yourself back:

Why Your Current Routine Is Keeping You “Puffy” - Or Worse – “Skinny Fat”

Lack of variety

Doing the same thing over and over again will not get you results.

Lack of education and physiological knowledge

Do you know how different foods and training styles impact your hormonal balance? Unfortunately it’s not as simple as “energy in, energy out”. There’s also no “one-size-fits-all” approach to training (which is why the program you got online probably isn’t working).

Lack of motivation and consistency

A Poor Diet

Who Is Andy Anderson And Why Is He So Confident He’ll Transform Your Fitness – He’s Willing To Guarantee Your Results?

Most people know Andy for helping hundreds of thousands of Australians to lose an average of 9.2kg in 6 weeks for free – through his revolutionary 9in6 Challenge (or you might have seen him on TV).

What you might not know is, 19 years ago, he was twenty kilos overweight, had zero confidence, worked a crappy job, got no attention from women and used to wear a t-shirt every time he went to the beach (yes – even in the water).
Over the last 19 years, he’s been on a journey of immense personal transformation, and has achieved his PRO CARD in an international body-building competition (you can see some pictures of his transformation on this page).

Nowdays, Andy is a sought out Coach & mentor for multi-millionaire business moguls. And it’s been literally impossible for people like you and me to hire him without a rock solid referral and very deep pockets… until now.

Introducing The 12-Week

“ Ultimate Shred Transformation Challenge”

Now You Can Get Personal One-On-One Mentoring With Andy Through a 12-Week, Online Program – For Less Than The Price Of a Gym Membership – So You Can Build Lean Muscle & Erode Your Body Fat % Faster, And With Better Success Than Ever Before

For a very limited time, and for a very limited number of people, Andy is opening his personal training doors to the public through a brand new online platform.

If you’re accepted into the program, you’ll get full access to Andy, his revolutionary training and nutrition protocols AND his “secret weapon” mindset coaching all for just $42 per week – and you’re guaranteed to get in the best shape of your life

Here’s (Just Some Of) What You’ll Get

Who Is Andy Anderson And Why Is He So Confident He’ll Transform Your Fitness – He’s Willing To Guarantee Your Results?




Weekly Coaching Call

Here’s Why You Should Snap This Up (And How It’s Different To Other Programs Out There)

There are millions of “Lean & Ripped” plans online, but very little of them are tailored specifically to YOU…

In other words – none of these plans will take into account your body type, your level of fitness, your specific goals. and especially not your lifestyle. (Did you know that stress from work can affect your fitness?)

What’s more, I’m certain that none of these plans are personally taught & designed by highly sought-after fitness gurus – who walk the walk and have achieved success in all aspects of life – like Andy Anderson has.

By applying for this once-in-a-lifetime program, you are shortcutting your journey to elite fitness and health by MONTHS (if not years!). And you’ll be looking for any excuse to rip your clothes off in just 84 days.

Here’s What Others Have Achieved Following Andy’s Programs (Even Without His Personal Support)

Here’s How To Sign-Up
(And What Will Happen Next)

If you’re seeing this page, it means there’re still spaces left.

Please click the button on this page, enter your details and then you will be taken to a secure payment page where you can cement your spot.

Once you have applied and made your payment, we will get in touch to find out a bit about you, your goals and your current fitness and to schedule your first call with Andy.

From there, you will get all your custom training, nutrition, supplement and mindset programs – and be hitting the gym within 3 days.

100% “Superhero” Satisfaction Guarantee

Andy is so confident he’ll be able to help you build a superhero body, he’s willing to offer a ballsy guarantee that no other fitness professional would dare to give.

If you follow the program, complete your weekly training logs and attend each weekly coaching call with Andy – And aren’t 100% blown-away with your results after 12-weeks – He’ll refund the entire cost of the program.

In other words – if you really are committed and serious about your health and fitness – there’s nothing to lose and a lot to gain by signing up right now.

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