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“Hard times create strong men, Strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.” 

The life cycle of history… Are we the product of good times thus the weak men/woman that have created the hard times we have started to endure AND will we choose to be the strong men/woman forged in hard times or simply submit and kneel? Are we stronger than we think and know or will we let ourselves down, our society down, our mothers & fathers down, in the coming months and years as life shifts rapidly we either choose to see the whole picture or simply the TV screen in-front of us. Will we find our strength as a country?

What a time to be alive, as I’ve spoken about in Blog 1, a year and a half ago we get slapped with covid, business stops for many, lives get thrown into turmoil and fear sweeps the globe and our country enters the harshest lockdowns in world. The uncertainty for so many is evident and the path ahead is uncertain in my opinion due to the lack of transparency and direction from the government. The fear in most is amplified by the whisper’s and news stories and the verbal vomit and reactive behaviour of so many is a simple reflection of that.

I have seen good people turn into venomous snakes spitting hate at the blink of an eye over difference in opinion. I see people wanting transparent debate met with personal attacks and slander stories to sway opinion instead of facts. I’ve seen friends get plastered over the news nationally because of their voice and desire to ask questions and have an opposing opinion.

I’ve seen self harm rates sky rocket and many close friends directly impacted/ And I’ve seen message after message asking me for help, direction or simply solace in this strange time in history.


Because of fear. But this fear is a generated fear, a formulated & manufactured fear passed to us purposefully and it is now DIVIDING us and dividing our beautiful country. When we submit to our weaker selves and indulge in this fear, this is when we turn to judgment, hate & blame.

This is when divide.

This is when we lose.

When did we lose grip? When did we decide to choose to look at our differences rather than our sameness. When did we decide that the values of disrespect and slander prevails over debate and respectful conversation? When did we decide it’s ok to treat others ‘less than’ based on their principles and personal beliefs? When did we become so fucking weak?

I am not a perfect man with all the answers in fact I am far from it.

I have my strengths and my weaknesses as we all do but my family always taught me stand up for what I believe in no matter what the cost and never yield to intimidation and pressure especially when it’s against my internal code and values. I know these values are in so many of you also and I hope you tap into this over the coming weeks and months as we make our decisions during this defining time in our history.

The choice we are making today are our legacy tomorrow and every fibre in me right now is calling me to do what I can to make a difference in this. With potential laws and mandates being suggested and slowly enforced we need to ask the question, what sort of country do we want to live in now and 10 years from now. What sort of country do we want our kids and grandkids to live in and more than that what story will we tell them about how we handled this time in history?

My point is this….

We have a window of opportunity to make some vital decisions for ourselves and our families. We can pay attention to what is taking place and put the effort needed into creating a fair and just society OR we can sit back complacent and submit to every card we are being forcefully dealt.

I want to make this clear, I am not asking you to break the law.


So as we move through the most hectic 2 years most of us have ever faced we are further faced with the tests that will define our character and ultimately our futures.

We are faced with battles that will scare us and toughen us.

We are faced with scare tactics and verbal pressure. We are faced with first world division at the highest level. And we are also faced with an opportunity to show the world what we are really made of.

We are now at a point where we decide our truth. Are we strength or are we weakness? When our minds are so soft a word can penetrate its core. When our convictions are so weak, we give up our rights for quick comfort and convenience we will be left with nothing at all. But when we are challenged and tested and from this test, we make a choice to be better, do better, fight harder and be the change we want to see in the world that is when we will find out strength again. As a country and as individuals.

We are better than our current circumstances and we deserve a country without discrimination and hate. The choice is sincerely yours and right now we must make that choice. May we find our strength, may we see through the smoke and may we show the world what we truly stand for. Andy