How to Find Comfort in Uncertainty: 5 Tips that Will Change Your Life

You start every day with a clear plan in mind. You set your goals, and you have the drive to succeed. You plan everything, down to your shower time, meals, and breaks. But, inevitably, at the end of the day, you realize that you weren’t able to burn through your to-do list because your day didn’t go as planned. A new project comes up, an old friend invited you out for a drink, and you couldn’t say no, or the car broke down, and you had to take the day off to fix it.

As much as you’re trying to plan every moment of your life, the truth is that nothing is guaranteed. And, for most people, that’s a scary thought.

Not being able to foresee events and circumstances that life throws your way can be frustrating. But, there are some HUGE upsides to living with uncertainty, which you might not be aware of. In fact, I truly believe that embracing uncertainty and the uncomfortable is golden to key to all positive growth!
I want to share with you some simple tips that will teach you how to find comfort in uncertainty and embrace it.

  1. Accept that You Can’t Know Everything

You’re not taught how to deal with uncertainty in school. Assignments had clear criteria, exams had one correct answer, and you are taught to focus on the outcomes, rather than the process.

To cope with uncertainty better, you need to embrace it, and to accept that it’s impossible to know everything.
Life is changing and shifting constantly and not knowing is part of the process. You can’t have all the answers, and that’s perfectly fine. Millions have walked the path that you are walking, if they can do it then so can you. Remember 12 months from now you won’t remember the minor problems of today.

  1. See Uncertainty As an Opportunity for Growth

Think about it this way: There is NO change without challenge and challenge is riddled with uncertainty and uncomfortable. Without it, you would reach a plateau, you will be stuck and you wouldn’t be able to grow and evolve in both your personal and professional life.

Next time you encounter uncertainty, instead of running away from it, stop and see it for what it truly is: an opportunity for positive growth.
As I said there is no change without challenge and in any challenge lies uncertainty.

  1. Flexible thinking

It’s almost impossible to experience uncertainty when you live in the present moment. Unfortunately, most people always think about the challenges tomorrow might bring.
This is completely fine if you have the ability to evaluate and then shift focus to solutions but if you struggle to shift focus and seem to always be stuck in the problems of life this will cause you too much pain.
If you approach life this way, constantly worrying about the future, you won’t find the strength to take the necessary actions that will help you get out of your comfort zone and achieve our goals.
Use flexible thinking with solutions focused mindset in order to see challenges but have the ability to back that up with solutions. Great leaders are always solutions focused.

  1. Strategy for set backs

There’s a famous Murphy’s Law that states that anything that could go wrong will go wrong, at the worst possible time and when you least expect it. This may not always happen but If you don’t have a strategy for setbacks, then an unexpected event might occur, and you are not prepared to face them you will hit overwhelm and run back to your comfort zone!

Take the time to think about all the possible scenarios that could disrupt your actions and goals. The more you think about the possibilities, the more confident you’ll feel.
We need to learn to make achieving goals and creating personal success as predictable and easy on ourselves as possible and let’s face it we will not rise to the occasion in times of struggle we will sink to our standards and level of planning. Do the work, get the result.

  1. Cultivate Optimism

There’s an old saying that goes something like this: expect the best, plan for the worst, and expect to be surprised. It couldn’t be more true in the process of learning how to cope with uncertainty.

When you expect the best, you are boosting your confidence that you will be able to overcome any obstacle. Of course, you will most likely encounter challenges and barriers, and you might even fail, but, in the end, you will know you are one step closer toward reaching your goals.

Uncertainty can be scary, but it is also a sign of growth, a sign of change, and a sign of progress.

If you want to be the best version of you its time to step up and find comfort in Uncertainty, Imagine where you will be in 8 weeks, 8 months, and 8 years if you did this well every single day?

Andy Anderson

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