The Law To Long Term Happiness: Stop The Comparison Game!

Motivation and inspiration can quickly turn into envy and resentment when you compare your achievements with those of others.

Your desire to succeed takes a setback when you’re comparing the beginning of your journey to another person’s middle or end.

The colleague who quit his job and now has a thriving business.
The friend who started a successful body transformation.
The cousin who takes the best vacations.
The sister who has ‘the perfect’ relationship.
Sure, you are happy for them, but by only seeing the result and not the process, you are doing more harm than good to yourself.

You’re Comparing Wrong

Social media has brought comparison to a whole new level. People advertise the ideal version of themselves on social media – successful projects, exotic vacations, expensive dinners, new purchases, etc. But, you rarely see the process – the sweat, blood, and tears they invested into achieving all those great things…. The glorious sacrifice!

You don’t see the long hours clocked at the office, the long nights, the setbacks, or the failures. Most people tend to forget about this part of the process when they compare themselves to others.

It seems like it’s almost our default to compare the worst of ourselves to the best of others. Remember that social media almost never tells the entire story. So, don’t compare your work in progress to others who are further along in their journey.

Comparison Doesn’t Help You Achieve Your Goals

Not only does comparison affect your self-esteem, but it can also make you lose focus on your plans and goals and slow down your momentum.

When you are thinking about how someone has more money, more friends, or is more successful, you are simply wasting your time.

When you focus on someone else’s success, you start feeling discouraged about your own work and progress. You start asking unresourceful questions like “what’s wrong with me?”, “Why am I not good enough?”. Do these types of questions help? I’ll let you answer that.

Learning from those who have succeeded is important, Respecting and appreciating success in all areas is important but you shouldn’t get distracted, discouraged, or deflated by other’s achievements.

Instead, focus on your goals and only compare yourself to yourself – analyze your personal and professional trajectory to see how much you’ve evolved, AND ALWAYS TRACK YOUR PROGRESS!

It’s a Vicious Circle

You will never win at the comparison game.

Most probably, you never reach a point in your life where you are better than others in every way.

And, that’s good. You are exactly where you need to be to learn the exact lessons necessary in order to create your own version of true success.

You must enjoy the ride, appreciate the hurdles, and glorify the sacrifice of chasing that dream and milestone.

This is a lesson that will save you lots of pain in the long run, I promise you that.

Now don’t get me wrong I believe you must be competitive, hungry, and always be looking for that next mountain to climb but your mental rating system for success may need recalibration.

It’s amazing how much more you achieve but how much more you are in flow when you start appreciating your own growth and progress more than others’ growth and progress.

You always have the power to change your view. Start now.

Andy Anderson

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