Empowering and inspiring women to create the bodies and lives of their dreams.


Hey Ladies,
I’m Andrea and I am the creator and developer of the Shred Queen program. I have spent over a decade dedicating myself to perfecting my physique and lifestyle to create the body I have today.

I have learned that by having healthy habits and with the right information I am able to live a life full of energy and abundance. I truly believe that having a healthy lifestyle has also propelled my success in my career, finances and body.
What I am most proud of is the ability to use the learnings I have earned to help other women up level in all areas of their lives. Whether it be with their family, job or relationships.  This is why I have created Shred Queen, to inspire, empower and support women to become the Queens of their world. 

Andrea xx

Andrea xx


Embrace Strength

I will teach you how to train using methods that really work! You will receive the tools of how to build a strong physique.

Embrace Growth

You can be strong and remain feminine. Become the Queen of your world, there is only one of you so be the best version of yourself.

Embrace Your Body

This is the best recipe for the physique of your dreams. I will strip everything back to the fundamentals and take away the guess work.


I truly believe that nutrition plays a pivotal role when achieving your health and fitness goals. This is why you will recieve a full nutrition plan suited to your body. 

I understand what it takes to not only look great but also feel great. You will be fueling yourself with delicious, healthy and nutritious meals that will aid you in losing weight, reduce bloating and raise your energy to the highest level. 

This Really Works!

This method has helped me earn the physique I have today and has also got my clients to achieve their ultimate goals too.


When it comes to working out I’ve tried everything! I’ve done cardio until I can barely stand, I’ve done weight lifting, CrossFit, HIIT training, METCONS, you name it I’ve done it.  With Shred Queen I am confident that it is the perfect program, putting together everything I have learned for women to achieve the ultimate physique they can be proud of. 

It is important for me that the type of training that I do is functional and helps to build a strong foundation and keep a feminine physique.


We all have our fair share of fears and doubts. Now is the time to put those aside and take ownership of your mentality and life.

This program will not only give you the tools to live a happier and more fulfilled life, a life where you are the woman that you have always wanted to be. It will also challenge you to overcome the things that have been holding you back for 5, 10, 20 years.

Be more driven in your career, more supportive to the people you love and more organised in your goals.
It all start with YOU! Right here, right now!


Women have an incredible capacity to build each other up!

This is why I have created an amazing online community to unite all my Shred Queen Ladies. This is where we can support each other 24/7 and surround ourselves with like-minded, determined and strong women.

This is also a space for Q & A’s, getting your questions answered, motivation, education, and inspiration on a daily basis.

I have coached many women over the years, so I know how to get you the results you want. 

For a single session I would usually be charging around $100, for online coaching it would be $90 a week and if you wanted a nutrition plan it would be approx $150+. 

I want The Shred Queen program to be accessible for any women who are ready to commit to themselves and ready for change.

So, I have shaped a  program where you will receive the best of everything when it comes to training, nutrition and mindset at just a fraction of the price. 

For these features, you would ordinarily expect to pay…

Usually $1,630

For today only rather than $1,630, you'll get all of this for just $397.

Limited spots available!

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