“Learn from the past, set vivid, detailed goals for the future, and live in the only moment of time over which you have any control: now.” -Denis Waitley

Achieving success is all about setting meaningful goals. However, it’s not just about the goals, themselves, but how you perceive those goals. The major mistake that most of us make is to look at the “big picture”, rather than all of the steps that are along the way. This makes us feel overwhelmed or defeated, because we just aren’t able to see that the goals we are setting out to accomplish are made up of many different smaller “bite-sized” goals that are much easier to tackle.

Instead of looking at the path that lies ahead of you and just focusing on the finish line or the ultimate destination, you have to concentrate on each individual stepping stone that you’ll have to tread on in order to get there. The end of the line is your ultimate goal, while the stepping stones are more temporary, short term goals. If you are able to finally look at your dreams and your goals as ideas that consist of small, manageable, and easily obtainable milestones, then you’ll have the power to accomplish anything!!

I have to admit that I had a bad case of “big picture” syndrome before I transformed my mindset. I’d feel overwhelmed by the mere thought of achieving a goal, because I was just focusing on the seemingly impossible task that lay ahead of me. That is,  until I had one of those “ah-ha” moments, and realized that each of my goals was nothing more than a bunch of tiny steps that I could easily take care of.

Here are just a few tips that I wanted to share with you to help you shift your perspective when it comes to goal setting and achieving:

Set short term and long term goals for yourself. Setting smaller, more immediate goals that are going to help you accomplish your long term goal is key. Short term goals are ones that you will achieve in the very near future, such as in the next few days, weeks, or months. On the other hand a long term goal is one that you will achieve in a longer period of time, such as in a year or five years.

For example, if you want 20kg in the next year, that would be a long term goal. Short term goals leading up to that ultimate goal might be: changing your diet and cutting out sugary foods by the end of this week, enrolling in personal training by the end of the month, and losing 5kg within 2 months.
By setting short term goals you can help yourself to stay motivated while you are working toward those long term goals.

The thing that I really want to stress here is that both short and long term goals have the capacity to change your life.

I think that the problem, quite often, is that we tend to only look at the long term goals as the ones that are going to transform us.

However, even smaller goals have the power to change our perceptions and, therefore, change our lives.

The trick is allowing them to really make a meaningful impact upon you, and this can be accomplished by perceiving them as significant experiences and events that are bettering our lives, as a whole.

Ask yourself why you want to achieve these particular goals. It’s not only important to have set goals in place, but to know why you’ve set those particular goals. What are your motives, and what do you hope to accomplish by achieving those goals? Remember, you should ultimately be aiming for goals that involve your true purpose and passion. If you have set goals simply to please someone else, than you probably aren’t going to have  the motivation to stick to them in the long run.

Be specific about what it is that you want to accomplish. Be very specific when you set each of your goals. In fact, I highly recommend that you write down exactly what you want to achieve, by when, and how you hope that accomplishing this will positively impact your life. This can not only serve as a way for you to stay motivated, given that you will be able to look at it whenever you are in danger of straying from the course, but it will give you the chance to go back and reassess any goals that you feel may need to be updated or changed.

Visualise how your life will be once you achieve your goal. Picture how things will be once you done accomplish what you have set out to do. Imagine how it will change your life (in detail) and the emotions that will come along with that. To do this, find a quiet spot in your home, close your eyes, and really let yourself visualise how it’s going to be when you finally cross that finish line and achieve the goal that you are working so hard toward.

Whenever you start to feel as though you are overwhelmed by the thought of achieving your goal, do this visualisation exercise to keep your motivation up and the negativity down.

Set goals that are attainable (without underestimating yourself). This is a big one!! You hear all of the self help gurus and motivational speakers talking about setting goals that are achievable. This is really important. However, you should never underestimate yourself and your abilities when you are setting these goals. Never should you settle for less and aim low that is the BIGGEST mistake the majority of people make.|
You know what they say: “aim for the moon, even if you miss it, you’ll always land in the stars”. This is so damn true. So, aim high, because that’s going to give you the power and focus to accomplish whatever it is you want in life.

Create a time line for your goals. Write down a detailed time line for your goals. Put a variety of different points on the line that represent smaller or short term goals, and have the time line end with you achieving your big goal. Better yet, if you have several goals going at once, create one big time line that has all of the goals on there, as well as multiple different end points. This can give you the chance to get an overall picture of all of the meaningful changes you are making in your life and what the reward for all of your time and effort is going to be.

Get rid of the self doubt (it has no place in a goal setting plan) or LIFE! 😉 . You simply have to get rid of the doubt, worry, and fear that’s holding you back. These things are only going to keep you from achieving your goals and dreams. Not to mention that they are also going to prevent you from changing your perspective.

Nothing has ever been accomplished without action. No great things in life can ever be accomplished if you don’t turn your plan or ideas into reality by taking action. You have to be ready and willing to transform your goals into actionable steps if you want to achieve what you set out to do or become. The simple fact is that anyone can say they are going to do something (be it mundane or extraordinary), but the people who actually follow through are the ones who are going to succeed. This is where mental toughness, Grit and passion come into play because if you think achieve these amazing bad ass goals is going to be a walk in the park you are kidding yourself and you need to start stepping up and prepping for battle because i’m telling you right now my friend there is always a battle…. is it worth it? Hell yes.

Prioritize your goals. Chances are that you have quite a few goals at the moment, as we all do. So, it’s important to know where each one stands on the hierarchy of prioritization. For example, if you want to transform your lifestyle by eating healthier and working out more often, and it’s the most important aim you have in life right now, than this may trump another goal (such as purchasing a new home). Make a plan (and take action) for the goal that is of the highest priority to you at the moment and concentrate on that… this one has to be a non negotiable, while still working toward your other goals on the side.

Never give up!! Above all else, you CANNOT ever give up. Your goals are your goals for a reason…because you’ve set your mind, determination, and motivation to a purpose that is worthwhile. So, even when the going gets a bit tough, you should remind yourself of what it is you will receive when you achieve.

Don’t let anyone else tell you that your goals are impossible or unattainable. Only you are the one who can determine that. If you get rid of the old mindset (which told you that you didn’t have the power to achieve your goals), and make the effort to transform your perception, you can achieve anything. Absolutely anything!!

Live with passion