Looking back, reminding the first, second and third steps in my journey – actually – even today, If I rewind back ten seconds, I can recall the feeling of gratefulness. In whatever obstacle I’ve conquered, in one way or another, there has been someone either stretching me a hand or adding more wood to the fiery passion I feel every day.

I feel if I’m not grateful for what I have in this very
moment, then whatever I achieve further down the road will lose it’s meaning.

What are we, without each other? Who would I be – if I lived solely for myself? Who would I be – if I wasn’t capable of helping others change their lives and live according to their full potential? Who would I be – without friends to help me or naysayers to challenge me and fuel my fire? Everyone has a role.

And interestingly enough, when you give due value to the right things, it is then that life begins to flourish, it is then that you realize how blessed you are for being alive and well… It is then and there that you truly start to appreciate the smaller but significant nuances in life.

Don’t take anything for granted, and be grateful for this life you’re living.

Without gratitude, how can you ever be successful?